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BlackVue Dash Cams

Pittasoft, the South Korean company behind the BlackVue brand, has set the standard in the dash cam industry since it was established in 2007.

BlackVue dash cams logoTaking car dashboard camera technology to the next level with its groundbreaking 1080p FullHD and then 4K UltraHD single-channel and dual-channel cameras, Battery Packs for Parking Mode support and other accessories, Pittasoft has enabled global customers to maximize usability by connecting dash cams to smart devices via Wi-Fi and BlackVue Cloud services. is proud to be an Authorized Retailer of the BlackVue dash cams and accessories in New Zealand.

Comparison Chart

BlackVue DR900S/DR900X (4K+1080p)
Front $55900
Front+Rear $77900
Video Sensor (front) 4.5/5
8 MPx CMOS Sensor
2.1-Mpx STARVIS™ Sensor
Video Mode
1920x1080 @ 60fps
(Full HD 1080p)
3840×2160 @ 30fps
(4K UltraHD)
1920x1080 at 30fps
(Full HD 1080p)
Video Mode
(rear / interior)
1920x1080 @ 30fps
(Full HD 1080p)
1920x1080 @ 30fps
(Full HD 1080p)
1920x1080 at 30fps
(Full HD 1080p)
Maximum bitrate Front: 25.0 Mbps; Rear: 10.5 Mbps
Viewing Angle Front: 139°
Rear: 139°
Front: 162°
Rear: 139°
Front: 139°
Rear: 139°
CPU HiSilicon Hi3559
GPS Receiver Yes, built into the unit Yes, built into the unit Yes, an optional extra
Phone Access (in-car via Wi-Fi) Yes, iOS and Android Yes, iOS and Android Yes, App Store and Android
Parking Recording Yes, requires a Power Management Device
Average power use while parked ~0.3 amps ~0.4 amps ~0.3 amps
Additional Features Over The Cloud Over The Cloud,
HDR, 5 GHz Wi-Fi
Low power consumption in Parking Mode
Country South Korea
Warranty One-year Manufacturer Warranty
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