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We offer individuals (Auckland-wide) and fleets (nationwide) a complete package, from supplying a dash camera system that fits your requirements and budget to installing the camera into the vehicles at a location convenient for you. Our mobile installation experts have years of experience fitting a range of dash cameras and other accessories to all makes and models of vehicles.





In a nutshell, our Mobile Installation Service offers the following:
  • Our service is mobile - we come to you.
  • Pre-arranged date and time.
  • Hardwiring to the fuse panel (without using your car's cigarette lighter power outlets).
  • No hanging cables - all cables are neatly hidden or tucked away.
  • Walkthrough session of your new dash cam as part of the installation.
  • Free delivery of your camera order.


DriverCam's mobile installation, our specialist dashcam technicians come to you

Our mobile technicians offer the following services:

  • hardwire installation of dashcam (fitting, hardwiring and programming),
  • hardwire installation of accessories - batteries, LTE module
  • removal of dashcam, cabling and accessories in preparation for reinstallation into your new vehicle
  • reinstallation of your dashcam and accessories into your new vehicle 

What is involved?

  • Our technician will arrive on the arranged date and time, at the location you have specified.
  • Depending on the vehicle type, dashcam model and accessories, the installation may take from 1.5 to 5 hours (we will advise in our quote)
  • Our technician will advise on the optimal dashcam camera location for your vehicle to achieve discreteness and the best recording results
  • Once completed, we'll walk you through your dashcam features and get you familiar with its operation.
  • We also make sure you have the required apps installed on your smartphone and properly configured (if applicable).

What is the cost of your mobile service?

We provide fixed quotes for our installation service. Give us a call or just answer a few questions to complete our installation enquiry form at the bottom of the this page. The quotes will include all costs, including the technician's time, consumables, training and support on how to get the best from your ‘installation’ and travel to your address (see our FAQs below). 


Parking mode - surveillance when parked

Another thing you will need to decide on is whether you want the dashcam to come on and off with the ignition (driving use only) or if you want the dashcam also to record while parked (for models which support Parking Recording).  To extend your parking recording we highly recommend a dedicated Battery Pack. Please contact us so we can understand your requirements and advise the best setup for you. 


Our dashcam technicians will complete a hardwire installation of your dashcam

We install the majority of dashcam using the Fuse Tap Adapters (included in the installation fee), which allow us to hardwire the camera without cutting any wires. If it is not possible to tap into a fuse board then the technician will look for a suitable alternative power source from which to take the permanent live feed. While in most cases such installation does not invalidate the warranty on the vehicle (if any), it is the customer's responsibility to check this with their dealership prior to scheduling the installation.

 Check out our 5-Star Google reviews

All of our installers are experienced dash camera specialists who take pride in what they do. Please see the feedback from our customers on our Google Business and Trade Me Service pages.



Can you install a dash cam that was purchased not through DriverCam?

Yes, we certainly can install most dashcam - please fill in the enquiry form and include the brand and model of your dashcam. Unfortunately, we can't provide a warranty for dashcam and accessories that you source elsewhere.

What is the lead time for booking an installation with you?

It depends on our installation backlog at the time but usually, it's around 5-7 calendar days.

What are your business hours for installations and do you do weekends?

Most of our installations are scheduled between 10 am and 6 pm (this, however, may vary depending on your whereabouts) and yes, we do install on weekends.

How long does a hardwire installation take?

Your vehicle type and how many cameras and accessories are being installed does impact the time taken however, as an example:

  • 1 x front camera : 1.5 - 2 hours
  • 1 x front & 1 x rear : 3 - 3.5 hours 
  • 1 x front, 1x rear, 1 x interior : 4 hours
What does the dash cam induction session cover?
Once the installation is completed, we do a brief walkthrough of your new camera. It takes 15-20 minutes and usually covers the following:
  • Location of the dash camera units and installed accessories.
  • Getting you familiar with the dash cam interface, mounting and angle adjustment.
  • For cameras supplied by DriverCam a demonstration of how the driving, parking (if applicable) and emergency recording modes work.
  • Pairing the camera with your smartphone (if applicable).
  • Other camera-specific tips and tricks.
Can I bring my car to you and would the installation be cheaper in this case?

Since we're a mobile service, we do not have a physical workshop. However, we can install at any public (ideally, covered) car park Auckland-wide as long it's spacious enough to open the vehicle's doors fully at least on one side. 

I live outside Auckland. Can you come to me to install?

We do install outside Auckland occasionally (Whangarei, Hamilton, Tauranga), however, we do this when we have more than one customer in the area hence it may take some time before we come to you. Because of this, most customers would arrange the installation to take place during their next Auckland visit (1-2 weeks notice would be appreciated).