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Vico-Opia2 + Vico Power Plus for Diwan Transport Ltd

Posted by Alex Maslov on

We had a pleasure working with the guys from Diwan Transport Limited installing the Vico-Opia2 + Vico Power Plus  + Transcend 64GB microSDXC bundle for two of their trucks.

Great people, great choice - one of the most advanced dash cam setups in New Zealand with amazing 2K UltraHD resolution and Parking Mode support. One cam was placed on the very top of the windshield just below the headliner and the other truckie wanted it to be mounted on the dash (Opia2 allows you to to flip the image vertically to support this kind of "up side down" installation).

Vico-Opia2 in truck (Auckland, New Zealand)Vico-Opia2 otside of the truck (Auckland, New Zealand)Vico-Opia2 and Vico Power Plus boxes (Auckland, New Zealand)

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