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Why Upgrade your Dashcam Micro SD Memory Card?

Posted by David Fisher on

Whilst lower capacity micro SD cards will serve a purpose for your dashcam, there are many points to consider when deciding which size micro SD card to use.

Typically 32gb should only be reserved for driving recording only, in lower resolution dashcams. In our blackvue dashcams this will provide approximately 2 hours of recording (approx., based on highest settings) before the oldest footage is automatically overwritten.

If you are considering using parking mode at all, or wish to be able to retrieve historical footage from your dashcam, at minimum a 64gb size micro SD card is recommended to ensure the ability to capture longer periods of parking recording, and historical driving recordings.

The other main reason to upgrade your micro SD capacity is because a larger memory capacity reduces the number of write cycles and therefore extends the life of the card.

This is widely accepted in the dashcam world. Please have a read of the articles below if you are interested.


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