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BlackVue Ultimate Setup for The Orchards Retirement Village's Toyota Hiace 2015 minibus

Posted by Alex Maslov on

This Toyota Hiace 2015 minibus has been equipped with one of the most advanced dash cam setup in the industry, The BlackVue DR650S-2CH dual channel dash cam in conjunction with the BlackVue Power Magic Pro that allows you to utilize the Parking Mode in order to catch whatever happens with the vehicle while its engine is off.

It was professionally fitted in about 2.5 hours by our installed and we really liked the result. As you can see, the main (front) unit is mostly hidden by the rear view mirror.

The BlackVue DR650S-2CH tube shaped main unit

The BlackVue DR650S-2CH main unit is mostly hidden by the rear view mirror

Due to the larger size of this minibus, our installer had to use a longer 10m cable for the rear camera instead of the regular 6m cable that comes with the camera by default. The rear unit was placed on the bottom of the rear windshield since this positioning will give you the most comprehensive picture of what's happening in the rear.

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