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Unfortunately, BlackVue DR750S-1CH has been discontinued. 😞

The successor, BlackVue DR750X-1CH Plus, on top of the DR750S features, offers the upgraded image sensors, built-in Low-Voltage protection for Parking Recording and an optional BlackVue LTE Module compatibility providing easy access to BlackVue Cloud.

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BlackVue DR750S-1CH

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The DR750S-1CH is the long awaited flagship dash cam from BlackVue as it offers the much needed bump in video quality that fans have been waiting for. It builds upon the success of the BlackVue DR650S-1CH which has been our best selling front dash cam for years.

Are you new to dash cams and not sure what makes this model the one among premium dash cams? Then let me pinpoint three things that make it stand out: highest video quality, screenlessness and parking recording by motion detection (details below).

The camera features an all new Sony STARVIS™ digital sensor and one of its biggest features is improved low-light capabilities which makes the DR750S significantly better at capturing everything in front of you at night. Check out the difference between the older DR650S and the new DR750S at night, it is (almost literally) like night and day! Not only that, also the DR750S records at twice the frame rate, from 30fps to 60fps, which means that your video looks smoother and clearer.

Since this dash cam has no screen, it features a cylindrically-shaped body which is both stylish and super discreet. What is more, you won't really need a screen as you can pair your iPhone/Android smartphone with the dash cam and use a free BlackVue app for the footage review/download, settings access or checking real-time Live View for easy setup and positioning of your dash cam.

As for the Parking Recording, not only your BlackVue detects impacts while parked, it also detects movements. Videos files are marked accordingly so that you can easily find the relevant ones in the smartphone app or using the free BlackVue Viewer software. Please note that Parking Recording is optional and requires a Power Management Device in order to keep the unit running while your car is parked.

Key Features

  • STARVIS™ IMX291 imaging sensor is a reference in video clarity under low light.
  • The powerful HiSilicon Hi3559 Processor allows for 25 Megabits video bit-rate for the best quality.
  • For those who want even more brightness in dark environments, the DR750S features Enhanced Night Vision.
  • In the new Sports Mode, the DR750S can record at 60 FPS on the front cam (this can dramatically reduce blur on license plates).
  • The built-in GPS receiver logs your vehicle’s location, speed and time so you can later visualize its position on the map.
  • Protect yourself from hit-and-run accidents while your car is parked with motion-activated Parking Mode (requires Power Management Device).
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to view and control your dash cam from smartphone (within 15-metre range).
  • BlackVue Over The Cloud support allows you to remotely see what the unit is seeing, where it is at the moment, real-time alerts when the G-sensor is triggered and other security features (requires an internet connection).
  • Based on super capacitors, with the max operating temperature of 70°C and high temperature cut off this camera can work well in New Zealand summer.
  • Discreet and stealthy design that has received overwhelmingly positive feedback over the years. It's truly an eye-candy, hands down.

Specs and Manual

The detailed specifications can be found on the official BlackVue website.

The manual can be found on the BlackVue DR750S-1CH Manual Page.

Package Contents

The package contains the main unit, power adapter, miscroSD card, card reader, double-sided tape for the mounting brackets, cable clips, pry tool and quick start guide

Recording Times

The DR750S-1CH comes with the 32GB MicroSD memory card out of the box which is capable of keeping about 3 hours worth of footage (depends on video quality setting). If you'd like to keep more footage, you can either use your own memory card or select a more capacious option in the drop down menu above. For your convenience, please see the recording times chart for different memory options (32/64/128/256 GB).

BlackVue DR750S-1CH Recording Times Table

Sample Footage

The DR750S-1CH sample footage (please don't forget to set the YouTube video quality to the highest).
Note: please disregard the rear camera footage as it is not applicable for this model.


Most of the reviews we have collected below feature the dual-channel (front and rear) version of the DR750S. With that said, most of the information in these reviews (except only the rear cam related bits) is perfectly applicable for the DR750S-1CH.

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We also collected some video reviews of the BlackVue DR750S for your convenience (please disregard the rear camera related parts as they are not applicable for this model).


The video below is a walk through a very basic BlackVue DR750S-1CH installation (if you'd like to hardwire the unit, please refer to this video instead). You may also disregard the rear camera related part as it is not applicable for this model.

Alternatively, please consider our mobile dash cam installation service available in the Auckland region or make an enquiry for a quote for hardwiring installation.

Comparison with DR650S

Are you wondering how much the DR750S video quality improved over the DR650S? Please watch the side-to-side video comparison below.

Shipping and Taxes

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