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BlackSys 3-pin Hardwire Cable

BlackSys 3-pin Hardwire Cable

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BlackSys 3-pin Hardwire Cable is designed for BlackSys dash cams and makes it easy to hardwire your unit to the electrical system of your vehicle. This cable uses a simple 3-wire harness to tie into your vehicle's electrical system: constant power, switched power and ground.

Despite a little more advanced installation, hardwiring has a number of advantages to it, the most important of which is support for Parking Recording with Low-Voltage Protection. The built-into-camera Low-Voltage Protection will automatically power off your BlackSys dash cam when your vehicle battery voltage drops below the setup voltage. If you, however, want to use your dash cam only for driving and not for parking recording, just connect both positive wires to the switched power.

Another handy advantage of this accessory is clean fitting. Hardwiring to your car's fuse box frees up your cigarette lighter power outlet for another device such as your cell phone or USB charger.

With ACC detection, the dash cam will switch to Parking Recording automatically if the vehicle engine is turned off and then switch into normal recording when the engine is turned on again.

Installation Using Fuse Tap Adapters

Despite this hardwire cable being relatively easy to wire up, it is recommended to be installed by a car electrician or a qualified installer. If you reside in Auckland, please consider our Auckland-based mobile dash cam installation service to get your dash cam neatly fitted and hardwired for you.

If you're willing and qualified to install the accessory yourself, the easiest way to pull this off is by plugging directly into your car's fuse box using a set of Add-A-Circuit Fuse Tap Adapters. You can also add these adapters using the drop-down menu on top of this listing.

Installation Video Guides

The videos in this YouTube playlist may give you some information about the installation of various 3-pin hardwire cables.

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