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Front + Rear Facing (2 Camera System)

A 2 Camera System is one camera on the vehicle's front windscreen recording that view and a second camera on the rear windscreen recording that view. They are wide angle cameras able to record during both daylight and hours of darkness. 

These are the most popular systems (models) as they provide the extra level of protection by the camera recording incidents caused by drivers approaching from behind. These systems can even capture incidents when your vehicle is parked, which often occurs when you’re not present.  Sadly, those drivers are often those that ‘hit and run’ and it can also be a deterrent to thieves.

The 2 cameras are connected so the recording is stored in one location. With a mobile connection and a small add on accessory, recordings can automatically be stored in the cloud. 

In short a Front and Rear facing camera system can provide a recording that in the event of an accident can prove who was at fault, avoid the prosecution of innocent parties and recover costs from those responsible for causing the accident. 

DriverCam's range of camera systems have been selected from their many years of research and ‘hands on’ practical experience gained during installations. Therefore customers can invest with confidence in products that perform as expected providing clear imagery when the moment arrives when it’s needed.  

Like an insurance policy, an ‘in vehicle’ camera systems is an investment that pays off by providing you cover when the unexpected occurs. 

DriverCam is an authorised importer, distributor and installer of BlackVue, Viofo cameras and accessories in New Zealand. For details of our specialised installation service for private, light and heavy commercial vehicles, motorcycles, farm equipment etc click here.