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BlackVue B-112 Battery Pack

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Quite a few premium dash cams featured in our store support Parking Mode functionality, which is getting more and more popular. Until the Battery Packs came along, the only option to utilize the parking recording was to hardwire you dash cam to run off your car's battery, requiring some auto electrical skills and sometimes even resulting in the car's battery getting drained. Being an independent and capacious battery pack, the BlackVue B-112 is a great flawless alternative to hardwire kits.

A redesign from the old BlackVue B-100, the new B-112 Power Magic Battery Pack lasts longer and charges more quickly! The B-112 Power Magic Battery Pack is a simple plug-and-use accessory, and no adjustments are needed!

The B-112 is utilized by plugging it into your car's cigarette lighter power outlet (12/24V).* This battery pack is then able to supply power to your dash cam (or other 12v accessory) via the high-quality Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery that is built-in to the unit. Additionally, there are two other USB ports on the B-112 that can supply up to 2A each and charge other devices as well!
* Given the power outlet is not powered when the accessories are turned off.

Key Features

  • Fully independent power source for the Parking Recording, does not use your car's battery at all. No flat battery due to the dash cam usage anymore!
  • High quality 3000 mAh LiFePO4 lithium-iron phosphate battery can supply your single-channel dash cam with power for up to 12 hours.
  • Two 5V Output USB ports can charge other USB-powered devices.
  • LED notification area indicates the current charge status and mode of the device.
  • Does not interfere with the car's sensitive electronics or trigger error codes.
  • Easy DIY installation.
  • Compact enough to be hidden under a seat of nearly any car.


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