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BlackVue Power Magic Pro

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The BlackVue Power Magic Pro low-voltage protection module allows your BlackVue (or another compatible) dash cam to continue to operate while your vehicle is parked and the engine is off. In a nutshell, in order to utilize Parking Recording by Motion Detection or Timelapse functionality, your dash camera requires constant power. On the other hand, being hardwired to the power source for a long period of time, any dash cam is putting you at risk of getting stranded by draining your car's battery. This accessory allows you to take advantage of your dash cam’s Parking Mode and protect your car’s battery at the same time.

The Power Magic Pro uses a simple 3-wire harness to tie in to your vehicle's electrical system: constant power, switched power and ground. When your vehicle’s ignition is off, Power Magic Pro monitors the vehicle's battery voltage while powering your dash cam. If the voltage drops below the set cut-off level, Power Magic Pro automatically cuts power to the camera, thus saving the battery from getting too low.

The Power Magic Pro can also be set to turn your dash cam off after a certain period of time as well. Even with the timer function active, the battery level setting will still take priority in order to ensure that no matter what, your car will start later when you return.

Key Features

  • Various voltage/time cut-off settings.
  • LED indicator showing the current status and On/Off switch.
  • Supports DC 12V/24V systems.
  • Accessory Outlet (also known as the Cigarette Lighter Socket).
  • 12-months manufacturer warranty.


BlackVue Power Magic Pro Power Management Device Specifications

Specs taken from the official BlackVue website.

Package Contents

  • Main unit
  • Harness cables
  • Adhesive tape
  • Set of screws
  • User manual

Installation Using Fuse Tap Adapters

Despite the BlackVue Power Magic Pro is relatively easy to wire up, it is recommended to be installed by a car electrician or a qualified installer. If you reside in Auckland, please consider our Auckland-based mobile dash cam installation service to get the Power Magic Pro fitted and hardwired for you.

If you're willing and qualified to install the accessory yourself, the easiest way to pull this off is by plugging directly into your car's fuse box using a set of Add-A-Circuit Fuse Tap Adapters. You can also add these adapters using the drop-down menu on top of this listing.

Installation Video Guides

Compatible Models

The Power Magic Pro is compatible with the following BlackVue dash cams.

  • DR900S 1CH/2CH
  • DR750S 1CH/2CH
  • DR590W 1CH/2CH
  • DR590 1CH/2CH
  • DR650S 1CH/2CH (discontinued)
  • DR650GW 1CH/2CH (discontinued)
  • Most of the BlackVue IR (Taxi) and Truck models and some discontinued models

While the Power Magic Pro is a BlackVue product and is designed for BlackVue dash cams, in most cases it will work with other manufacturer's dash cameras as well, as long as they are designed to plug into a normal cigarette lighter power outlet. That said, the dash cam must be designed in a way to switch into Parking Recording Mode automatically based on the G-sensor readings as Power Magic Pro supplies it with power continuously. Examples of that would be the Viofo models with Parking Mode support and Vico-Opia2 dash cams.

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