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Viofo A119S V2 GPS

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The year of 2017 in the segment of budget dash cams was the year of the Viofo A119 breakthrough. It set a higher standard for affordable and easy to use car recorders and became a world-wide best seller. But what about 2017? Can Viofo improve on its flagship model? They certainly can and the Viofo A119S is what they came up with in 2017.

The manufacturer, Viofo is well-known for quality and taking extensive community input to create their products. And the community feedback is exactly what made the A119S model so great. Design-wise it is very similar to the 2016 generation and features two main improvements. Firstly, did you notice this "S" letter in the model name? Please do not underestimate it since it emphasizes that this dash cam is equipped with the Sony STARVIS IMX290 sensor which noticeably improves night time recording and light sensitivity. Secondly, the A119S model comes in more compact and truly premium packaging compared to the previous generation model. Taking into account its budget price tag and heaps of positive feedback (please see the reviews section below), it makes this unit a great buy.

The Viofo A119S GPS comes with a GPS mount (the upgraded V2 version) out-of-the-box and does not have to be purchased separately.

Key Features

  • The Sony STARVIS IMX290 sensor and better light sensitivity does make a difference, especially when it comes to night time recording (see sample footage)
  • Detachable GPS module logs your route, coordinates, speed and accurate time
  • Choosing capacitors over cheaper batteries extends the dash cam's lifespan and makes it resistant to extreme temperatures (from -10°C to 65°C)
  • Very discreet design makes it easy to fit the cam behind the rear-view mirror and hard to notice it from the outside the vehicle
  • 2'' display lets you review the footage anywhere anytime
  • Comes with three adhesive tape mounts and lots of other accessories well-packaged in a neat and compact box.


Viofo A119S GPS Technical Specifications

Specs taken from the official Viofo website.

Package Contents

  • A119S Main Unit
  • GPS Mount
  • 2 Non-GPS Mounts
  • Dual USB Lighter Power Adapter with 3-meter MiniUSB Cable
  • Shorter USB Cable
  • Cable Clips
  • Mount Detaching String
  • User Manual

Sample Footage

Daytime 1080p @ 60fps Footage (please don't forget to set the video quality to the highest)

Night Time 1080p @ 60fps Footage (please don't forget to set the video quality to the highest)

With and Without CPL Filter Sample 1080p Footage (please don't forget to set the video quality to the highest)


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We collected some video reviews of the Viofo-A119 for you below.

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