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BlackVue Power Magic EZ

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The Power Magic EZ OBD device is designed to enable Parking Recording for your BlackVue dash cam while monitoring your battery’s voltage. However, what makes Power Magic EZ stand out from other similar solutions is that it does not require any complicated hardwiring and installed simply by plugging your vehicle's OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) port. Aside from its simplified installation method, the Power Magic EZ device works exactly the same way as the Power Magic Pro hardwiring kit.

The Power Magic EZ is designed to cut off at different voltages or using the timer to protect your vehicle's battery. When the configured voltage level or timer is reached, the device cuts the power to prevent vehicle battery discharge and resumes when the ignition is on again.

This device has a Parking Mode Switch with the following logic to it:

  • When ON, Power Magic EZ supplies your BlackVue camera with power even if the ignition is off (all the way until it reaches voltage cut-off or timeout value).
  • When OFF, Power Magic EZ supplies power to your dash cam only when the vehicle ignition is on.

Key Features

  • Easy plug-and-play installation.
  • Various voltage and time cut-off settings.
  • LED indicator showing the current power status.
  • Supports DC 12V/24V systems.
  • 12-months manufacturer warranty.


BlackVue Power Magic EZ Power Management Device Specifications

The manual for the Power Magic EZ can be downloaded from the official BlackVue website.

Compatibility and Troubleshooting

Power Magic EZ is compatible with most cars, including hybrids. It is also compatible with commercial vehicles and trucks or recreational vehicles (motorhomes) sporting the 24V electrical systems. The Power Magic EZ does require your OBD to include a CAN bus (if your vehicle was manufactured after 2008, the CAN bus is most likely included).

That said, there are cases of incompatibility when Power Magic EZ won't start. If you're experiencing issues installing this device, make sure you've tried the following:

  • Make sure the device is firmly connected to your vehicles's OBDII port.
  • Start your vehicle's engine: this should power up the camera regardless of the settings and switches positions. The device should light up with green light.
  • For Parking Recording to work, make sure the On/Off switch on the side of the Power Magic is set to "ON".
  • Try various voltage cut-off settings (recommended is 12.0v).

Should you find your Power Magic EZ incompatible with your car, we're at DriverCam will accept it back and refund or replace it with the Power Magic Pro hardwiring kit with a set of Fuse Tap Adapters.


Voltage Cut-Off Setting

BlackVue Power Magic EZ Voltage Cut-Off Setting

Timer Cut-Off Setting (hours)

BlackVue Power Magic EZ Timer Cut-Off Settings (hours)

Installation and Review Video Guides

Compatible Models

The Power Magic EZ is compatible with the following BlackVue dash cams.

  • DR900S 1CH/2CH
  • DR750S 1CH/2CH
  • DR590W 1CH/2CH
  • DR590 1CH/2CH
  • DR650S 1CH/2CH (discontinued)
  • DR650GW 1CH/2CH (discontinued)
  • Most of the BlackVue IR (Taxi) and Truck models and some discontinued models

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