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BlackVue B-124X Battery Pack

Unfortunately, BlackVue B-124 Battery has been discontinued. 😞

Our recommendation for you is to consider its successor the BlackVue B-124X Battery. This improved model has a USB port allowing powering accessories and dash cameras that use USB 5V as input, compatible with both the 12V and 24V systems and comes with a 3-pin wiring harness. Compatible with all the BlackVue dash cams and most 3rd party car cameras with Parking Recording functionality.

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BlackVue B-124 Battery

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Brand new for 2018, BlackVue's B-124 Ultra Battery is the newest battery pack that is fast-charging, long-lasting and connected! Taking the advantage of the Cellink NEO's hardware, the B-124 Ultra Battery doubles the runtime of the previous-generation BlackVue B-112 battery pack while functioning the very same way: it recharges when your engine is running on and powers your dash cam when ignition is off. If you are serious about protecting your car while it's parked and your dash cam supports Parking Mode by Motion Detection, this product will be the most comprehensive solution for powering your dash cam while parked.

Even though a typical car battery has much higher capacity than Battery Packs, it is not designed for routine deep discharge cycles while the car is parked hence its performance may deteriorate and life is shortened prematurely over time. The BlackVue B-124 Battery works by charging a high-quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery while your car is running, and when it's turned off, the charged battery is then used to provide continuous power to your dash cam without the need to draw any power from your car battery. This process is very effective in reducing the risk of battery discharge, low voltage electrical warnings and flat car batteries. On top of that, you can connect an Expansion Battery to the Power Magic B-124 to more than double the capacity and Parking Mode time.

BlackVue B-124 Ultra Battery Wiring Scheme

The battery's Bluetooth connection allows you to check detailed information about the charge status and progress from your smartphone. The dedicated iPhone and Android apps are closely integrated in the BlackVue ecosystem and give out plenty of useful information about the battery, such as: overall battery percentage, whether the unit is charging or discharging, how long it can power the camera for as well as how long it will take to fully charge and more.

Now enclosed in a metal casing, the B-124 has the look and feel of a premium product. Conveniently, its compact size makes it easier to pack and hide away into tighter spots. In addition to this, it places all the connectors and switches on the bottom of the unit making routing cables much easier and allows for a much cleaner install.

Key Features

  • Fully independent power source for the Parking Recording, it does not use your car's battery at all. No flat battery due to the dash cam usage anymore!
  • Large 76.8 Wh capacity is capable of covering up to 45 hours of Parking Recording (single-channel dash cam, when fully charged).
  • Long cycle life (up to 3,000 cycles).
  • Super fast charging mode, fully charged within a 40-minute drive (requires hardwiring).
  • Allows for expansion and doubling to power by hooking up the B-124 Expansion Battery.
  • High-quality LiFePO4 lithium-iron phosphate battery means the system can reach temperatures of up to 70°C before the internal sensor automatically shuts the system off safely (High-temperature Cuts-Off).
  • Protection Circuit Module (PCM) and Short Circuit Protection.
  • Do not want it hardwired? Easy DIY installation via cigarette lighter output is available!
  • Does not interfere with the car's sensitive electronics or trigger error codes.
  • Stylish and robust aluminium casing is compact enough to be hidden under a seat of nearly any car.

Smartphone App Interface (sample, Android)

BlackVue B-124 Ultra Battery Smartphone App Interface


BlackVue B-124 Ultra Battery Specifications
Specs are taken from the official BlackVue website.

Running Times

BlackVue B-124 Ultra Battery Running Times

Package Contents

BlackVue B-124 Ultra Battery Package Contents

Cables Explained

  1. Input 12V Cigarette Plug Charger - Easier for install, however, charges the unit with a lower current of 5 Amps (takes 1 hour 20 minutes to fully charge)
  2. Input 12V Hardwire Kit - Allows the battery pack to charge at a higher rate of 9 Amps so it is able to charge the battery in 40 minutes to full (please arrange a car electrician or our Auckland-wide Dash Cam Installation Service to hardwire it for you). Comes with a set of Add-A-Circuit fuse taps for a seamless installation.
  3. Output Dash Cam Cigarette Socket - This socket is compatible with any BlackVue and the Vico-Opia2 dash cams and, in essence, just a 12V Power Outlet Female socket. If you have a BlackSys or a Thinkware dash cam, we can supply you with a compatible 3-pin spliced cable.

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