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DriverTech Commercial Camera Solutions

WHY ‘on’ Vehicle Cameras are a Business Essential

Many businesses liken ‘on vehicle’ cameras to an insurance policy as they provide protection when unexpected incidents involving their vehicles occurs.

Commercial ‘in vehicle’ cameras provide high resolution recordings with audio, speed and location data that provide insurers and authorities the evidence to prove culpability.

Drivers often say, ‘cameras’ provide them with protection in any driving incident be it a serious crash or an accusation from the public of poor driver conduct. In the past their employer would just have to reluctantly accept blame with no proof but with recorded video and audio evidence these unexpected events can be ‘sorted’ quickly, avoiding the complications that arise when the actions that lead up to and were the cause of the accident are not recorded.

Having this ‘evidence authorities don’t need to depend on the statements of the parties involved which are often ‘tainted misrepresentation’ intended to avoid responsibility which can lead to the necessity of an investigation by the agencies involved e.g. Police and Work Safe, instead these agencies can quickly rely on the actual record of facts and quickly determine culpability or lack thereof and decide that no investigation is required.

The ability to quickly present actual evidence minimises the stress, costs and time involved in disputes, litigation, dealing with external agencies like the Police and navigating the internal disciplinary procedures for the employee involved.

Disputes and litigation can also have a devastating impact on your employee’s mental health and employment, leading to increased tension, loss in productivity, reduced and sometimes permanently damaged staff morale.  

You can also present your evidence to your insurer who will often accept and process your claim faster getting your vehicle and employee back on the road faster.

DriverCam’s camera systems have been installed into company passenger cars, utes, vans, trucks (4,6 wheels, tippers, truck & trailers, hydrovac, traffic control, curtain sider, refrigeration) and heavy machinery (mining, diggers).

Drivercam supply and install a number of different configurations of ‘on vehicle’ cameras:

  • the front view;
  • both front & rear view;
  • front, in the cab interior and rear view; and
  • Reversing Cameras.

It’s an end-to-end service from supply, installation, comprehensive pre-sale and post-sale support and ongoing service.

For commercial enquiries we suggest an initial conversation on the phone is a productive way of understanding your needs, then we provide a personalise proposal. If you prefer you can email or complete the form below and we’ll respond. 

    Front + Rear + Interior + Driver Monitoring cameras available