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Viofo A129 PLUS Duo IR

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The Viofo A129 Duo IR is inexpensive yet very advanced and reliable system features two camera units: front for recording the road ahead and interior one for the inside of the car (additionally equipped with the IR lights for an outstanding night time vision). Combined with a built-in microphone, GPS receiver, Wi-Fi module, G-sensor and many other features.


While both camera units have identical high-end Sony STARVIS™ IMX291 image sensors onboard and save footage with an advanced bitrate of 16.5 Mbps, the interior unit features a wider viewing angle of 160° to cover the whole interior of your car. The A129 Duo IR also supports loop recording and a higher level of customization when it comes to the fragment size, allowing you to save footage in 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10-minute clips.

In the small body, the A129 Duo IR is packed with features. The camera comes with a built-into-mount GPS receiver which allows the dash cam to log your coordinates and speed so you always have these evidence handy. When it comes to the footage playback, apart from the 2-inch LCD screen which you can use to access the dash cam's menu, you'll be able to leverage your smartphone screen by pairing it to the dash cam via a built-in Wi-Fi module. Just install the iOS or Android app on your smartphone and you'll be able to playback and download your footage or access settings within seconds. On top of this, there are a number of optional accessories available that can expand the camera functionality: 2-pin and 3-pin Hardwire Cables for a clean installation and parking recording, Battery Packs for parking recording, Polarizing Filter and Bluetooth Emergency Button.

Would you like your dash cam to operate not only while you're driving but also when you're away? The A129 Duo IR has got this sorted with Parking Recording by Motion and Impact Detection! Matching the camera with either the Viofo 3-pin Hardwire Cable (requires hardwiring) or a Back-Up Battery allows the cam tam to trigger recording on motion as well as on impact detection so that protection will be readily available for the vehicle while the owner is away.

Key Features

  • Full HD video recording by the Sony STARVIS™ IMX291 Sensors on both cameras. Crystal-clear video quality achieved by the F1.6 Aperture 7-element Glass Lens.
  • 4 IR (infrared) elements built into the interior camera for an outstanding night time recording inside the car.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to view live video, change settings, playback and download videos to your mobile device (within a 15-metre range around the car).
  • The built-into mount GPS receiver logs your vehicle’s location, speed and current time so you can later visualize its position on the map.
  • Protect yourself from hit-and-run accidents while your car is parked with motion-activated Parking Mode (requires Power Management Device).
  • Built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Low-profile and discreet design.
  • Up to 256GB memory card support.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Specs and Manual

Model Viofo A129 Duo IR GPS
Image Sensor Sony STARVIS™ IMX291 2MPX (front and interior)
Lens F1.6 Aperture 7-element Glass Lens (front and interior)
Viewing Angle Front: Diagonal 140°, Interior: Diagonal 160°
Resolution and Frame Rate FullHD (1920x1080) @ 30fps (front and interior)
Video Format MP4
Dimensions Front: Length 85 mm / Width 55 mm / Height 40 mm
Interior: Length 53 mm / Width 31 mm / Height 50 mm
LCD Display 2.0-inch HD
Microphone & Speaker Built-in
GPS Receiver Built into front mounting bracket (included)
Backup Power Built-in supercapacitor
Wi-Fi Built-in (802.11n 2.4 GHz / 802.11 ac 5GHz Dual)
Smartphone Apps Viofo App for iPhone, Viofo App for Android
G-Sensor 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor
Remote Control Viofo Bluetooth Remote (optional)
Operation Temperature -10 °C to 65 °C (14 °F to 149 °F)
Storage Temperature -20 °C to 70 °C (-4 °F to 158 °F)
Input Power DC 5V/3.1A via MiniUSB
Memory Card Support MicroSD Class 10 U-1 or faster, up to 256GB.
Parking Recording Modes Auto Event Detection (motion and impact detection),
Timelapse Recording, Low Bitrate Recording
Smartphone App Viofo App for Android and iOS
Clip Length Modes 1 min / 3 mins / 5 mins / 10 mins
Warranty 12-months Manufacturer Warranty

The manual can be found on the Viofo A129 Duo IR Manual Page.

Package Contents

The package contains the front camera, interior camera, GPS module, Dual-USB power adapter, 4-metre USB-to-miniUSB power cord, 6-metre rear camera connection cable, 0.8-metre interior camera connection cable, USB data cable, trim pry tool, cable clips, spare 3M stickers and user manual

In addition to the above items, the A129 Duo IR comes with a shorter (80 cm) interior camera connection cable and user manual.

Recording Times

For your convenience, please see the recording times chart for different memory options (16/32/64/128/256 GB) in the drop-down menu above. Each memory card option in the menu is marked with its price and estimated recording time.

Is the 256GB memory card not capacious enough? You can get more footage stored on it by reducing the bitrate in the camera settings.

Sample Footage

The A129 Duo IR sample footage (please don't forget to set the YouTube video quality to the highest)

Optional Accessories

Viofo A129 Duo GPS dash cam optional accessories: CPL Filter, 2-pin Hardwire Cable, 3-pin Hardwire Cable, Bluetooth Emergency Remote


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The installation process for the Viofo A129 Duo IR is similar (with slight variations) to the other dual-channel cameras such as BlackVue. The videos in this playlist may give you some ideas about the installation.

Alternatively, please consider our mobile dash cam installation service available in the Auckland region or make an enquiry for a quote for hardwire installation.

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