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Viofo A129 Single

Unfortunately, we no longer sell VicoVation products. 😞

Our recommendation for you is to consider one of the VIOFO dash cams. The models such is A129 Single or the front & rear A129 Duo are very similar to the VicoVation cameras feature-wise and, on top of that, offer crystal clear video quality (up to 3840×2160 4K UltraHD in the PRO models), smarphone connectivity, discrete design and tolerance to the extreme temperatures up to 65°C.

VicoVation Dash Cams

VicoVation Logo

VicoVation is a premium Taiwanese manufacturer specializing exclusively in dash cams and putting video quality as the top priority. See VicoVation products compared to others in our Dash Cam Comparison Chart.

We are proud to announce that DriverCam is an Authorized Retailer of VicoVation dash cams and accessories in New Zealand.