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Front + Rear + Interior Dashcams

These camera are specifically designed for those who also want a view of the interior of their vehicle for example, Uber drivers, driving instructors, commercial vehicles.
You can configure your camera setup as either :
  • front + interior; or
  • front + rear + interior.

Not only do such systems record the road ahead and behind, but their interior camera records the driver and passengers inside the vehicle providing evidence in case of any false accusations and often encouraging somewhat difficult passengers to behave.

As a driver, you won’t usually want to have your cabin lights on when driving, so the main feature of any rideshare cam is an infrared (IR) interior camera. The IR lights are not visible to the human eye yet do a great job of illuminating the car’s interior at night, without bothering the driver.

Both the front and the interior cameras may either be built into one body or come as two separate units connected with a cable which is more flexible when it comes to mounting on the windscreen.

Are you in Auckland and want your dash cam professionally fitted? Our mobile Dash Cam Installation Service may come in handy!