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Zenfox T3 2CH/3CH

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Zenfox T3 is a dedicated rideshare model from the well-established dash cam manufacturer VIOFO. This model is a great option not only for Taxi and Uber drivers but for anyone looking for extra security on the road.

The main wedge-shaped unit houses the main front camera, in-cabin camera, all the necessary electronics and holds to your car's windshield by a detachable mounting plate with 3M adhesive. The form-factor of the camera makes it ideal to be mounted behind the rearview mirror with the interior camera situated above the mirror (such setup is suitable for most cars).

Following the common practice of prioritizing footage from the front camera, it has the most advanced Sony STARVIS™ IMX335 5 MPx image sensor with the higher 160° viewing angle and records with the higher bitrate. The advanced 140-degree interior camera switches between normal and infra-red modes automatically depending on the light situation outside for the best picture quality. The last but not least, the optional rear camera is a critical witness in rear collisions or backing accidents: just like the other two, it is also equipped with the Sony STARVIS™ image sensor that makes license plates readable in most light conditions.

Zenfox T3 is feature-packed. It is equipped with a 2.0" high-definition LTE screen, a user-friendly button interface and a built-in dual-band Wi-Fi module allowing you to pair it with your smartphone. Just install the iOS for your iPhone or the Android app on your smartphone, join the dash cam's wi-fi network and you'll be able to playback and download your footage directly to your phone. As for the GPS functionality, unlike many other cameras that have it in some type of an external dongle, the T3 has a GPS logger neatly built into the main module: it means that the dash cam logs your location, speed and time wherever a GPS signal is accessible.

Key Features

  • Sony STARVIS™ Image Sensors on all cameras allow for a crystal-clear video recording both day and night.
  • 4 infra-red LED lights are built into the interior camera for high night-time performance.
  • T3 dual-channel (front + interior) setup can be expanded with the rear camera to give you more context to your footage.
  • WDR feature allows the camera to capture both the dark and bright parts of an image.
  • Built-in GPS receiver logs your vehicle’s location, speed and current time so you can later visualize its position on the map.
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi functionality allows you to view live video, change settings, playback and download videos to your mobile device (within a 15-metre range around the car).
  • Record while your car is parked with Timelapse or Low-Bitrate parking recording modes (requires 3-pin Hardwire Cable).
  • The in-cabin recording can be used as evidence or for recording vlogs thanks to the built-in microphone.
  • 3M Tape brackets for reliably mounting all cameras to the windscreens come with the spare 3M stickers.
  • Up to 256GB memory card support.
  • The 12-months warranty can be extended to 18 months by registering on the manufacturer's website.

Specs and Manual

Model Zenfox T3 2CH/3CH
Image Sensor Sony STARVIS™ IMX335 5 MPx(front)
Sony STARVIS™ IMX291 2 MPx (rear)
Sony STARVIS™ IMX307 2 MPx (interior)
Lens & Viewing Angle F1.8, Diagonal 160° (front)
F1.8, Diagonal 140° (rear, interior)
Resolution and Frame Rate (Triple-Channel) QuadHD 1440P (2560*1440) @ 30fps (front)
FullHD (1920x1080) @ 30fps (rear, interior)
Resolution and Frame Rate (Dual-Channel) QuadHD 1440P (2560*1440) @ 60fps (front)
FullHD (1920x1080) @ 30fps (rear)
Maximum Bitrate 2-Channel: 45 Mbps front / 16 Mbps interior
3-Channel: 45 Mbps front / 16 Mbps interior/ 16 Mbps rear
Video Format MP4
Dimensions Front: 5.9 cm / 4.9 cm / 12.5 cm / 137.6 g
Rear: 5.8 cm / 2.9 cm / 5.1 cm / 40.8 g
LCD Display 2-inch LCD
Microphone & Speaker Built-in speaker and microphone
GPS Receiver Built-in
Backup Power Built-in supercapacitor
Wi-Fi Built-in (2.4 GHz / 5GHz Dual)
Smartphone Apps Zenfox App for iPhone, Zenfox App for Android
G-Sensor 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor
Operation Temperature -20 °C to 65 °C (-4 °F to 149 °F)
Input Power DC 5V via MiniUSB
Memory Card Support MicroSD Class 10 U-1 or faster, up to 256GB.
Parking Recording Modes Timelapse Recording, Low Bitrate Recording
Clip Length Modes 1 min / 2 mins / 3 mins / 5 mins / 10 mins
Warranty 12-months Manufacturer Warranty

Zenfox T3 manual can be found here.

Sample Footage

Zenfox T3 3CH daytime sample footage (please don't forget to set the YouTube video quality to the highest)

More front and interior footage in different lightning conditions (please don't forget to set the YouTube video quality to the highest)

Package Contents

The package contains the front camera unit, rear camera unit (optional), 6-metre rear camera connection cable (optional), cigarette ligher power outlet adapter, MiniUSB data cable, card reader adapter, trim pry tool, spare 3M stickers and user manual

The package contains the front camera unit, rear camera unit (optional), 6-metre rear camera connection cable (optional), cigarette lighter power outlet adapter, MiniUSB data cable, card reader adapter, trim pry tool, spare 3M stickers and user manual.


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The installation process for the Zenfox T3 is similar (with slight variations) to the other dual-channel cameras such as BlackVue. The videos in this playlist may give you some ideas about the installation.

Alternatively, please consider our mobile dash cam installation service available in the Auckland region or make an enquiry for a quote for hardwire installation.

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