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BlackVue DR900X-2CH

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Building on the success of the original and highly successful 4K DR900S-2CH model, the new DR900X-2CH is quite literally the latest and greatest dash cam yet from BlackVue. With style and functionality second to none, if you're looking for the best dual-lens (front + rear coverage) dash cam of 2021, you'd be hard pressed to beat the brand new DR900X-2CH!

The 4K Ultra High Definition resolution contains exactly four times as many pixels as Full HD, 3840 pixels x 2160 lines to be exact, equivalent to 8.3 million pixels. For a dashboard camera, this can mean the difference between an unusable pixelated blur and a readable licence plate, especially at speed or in low light conditions. To take even greater advantage of the extra resolution, the DR900X-2CH packs a massive ultra-wide 162-degree lens on its front camera for incredible clarity and detail from edge-to-edge. The DR900X-2CH performs exceptionally well at night and in dark environments (sample footage) while maintaining a low level of "digital noise".

There are two main improvements that make DR900X stand out compared to the previous generation's DR900S: built-in Low-Voltage protection for Parking Recording and an optional LTE modem making the connectivity to BlackVue Cloud so much easier! In addition to the "old" approach of using an external WiFi hotspot signal for the Cloud connectivity (if you'd like to utilize it), the DR900X-2CH comes with a USB port that you can plug in the optional BlackVue CM100 LTE Module (in stock), giving this dash cam the ability to stay connected to the BlackVue Cloud anytime, anywhere using just a SIM card with a data plan.

As for the Parking Recording, unlike the previous models, the DR900X-2CH can be hardwired directly to the vehicle's electrical system via the included in the package 3-pin Hadrwire Cable hence there is no need for a separate Power Magic Pro! Alternatively, it can also be powered by a Battery Pack for the ultimate parking recording protection. The DR900X-2CH supports Buffered Recording with Motion and Impact Detection, and Time Lapse Recording.

With all these improvements, all the BlackVue "must have" features are present in this high-end device as well, including GPS logging, direct Wi-Fi connection for pairing with the free BlackVue Apps on your smartphone, audio and loop-recording - all in a premium quality, discreet and compact design.

Key Features

  • 8-megapixel CMOS sensor on the front camera, for 4K Ultra High Definition video capture. In other words, 4K Ultra HD is four times as many pixels as Full HD.
  • The powerful HiSilicon Hi3559 Processor allows for 25 Megabits (front) and 10 Megabits (rear) video bitrate for the best quality.
  • DR900X features High Efficiency Video Coding (H.265), the leading standard in 4K recording and broadcasting.
  • With the built-in low-voltage protection, there is no need for for the Power Magic Pro anymore! The DR900X can be hardwired using the included 3-pin Hardwire Cable to get Parking Recording coverage for as long as your vehicle battery's has some extra charge.
  • All BlackVue Parking Recordings Add-ons are still suppored by the DR900X! Should you opt for the Power Magic Pro or a Battery Pack for an ultimate parking recodring coverage, the DR900X is compatible with them all.
  • Direct Wi-Fi connection (via built-in dual-band 5GHz module) to the dash cam allows to access the camera's footage at blazing speed. The direct Wi-Fi connection is password-protected, does not consume any mobile data and accessible within 10-15 meter range from the camera.
  • BlackVue Cloud is even more accessible with the DR900X by plugging in the optional BlackVue LTE Module, or by pairing the 900X to an existing WiFi hotspot signal in (or near) the vehicle.
  • The built-in GPS receiver logs your vehicle’s location, speed and current time so you can later visualize its position on the map.
  • Audio recording (on by default, yet can be turned off) adds more contect to your footage.
  • Based on supercapacitors, with the max operating temperature of 70°C and high temperature cut off this camera can work well in New Zealand summer.
  • Discreet and stealthy design that has received overwhelmingly positive feedback over the years. It's truly an eye-candy, hands down.

Recording Times

The DR900X-2CH comes with the 32GB MicroSD memory card out of the box which is capable of storing about 2 hours worth of footage (on the highest video quality settings). If you'd like to keep more footage, you can either use your own larger memory card or select a more capacious option in the drop down menu above. For your convenience, please see the recording times chart for different memory options (32/64/128/256 GB).

BlackVue DR900S-2CH Recording Times Table

Sample Footage

The DR900X does a great job producing high-quality videos both day and night (please don't forget to set the YouTube video quality to the highest)


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The installation process for the BlackVue DR900X-2CH is identical to its predecessors such as the DR750S and the DR650S. The video below is a walk through a very basic DR750S-2CH installation (if you'd like to hardwire the unit, please refer to this video instead).

Alternatively, please consider our mobile dash cam installation service available in the Auckland region or make an enquiry for a quote for hardwiring installation.

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