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*NEW!* BlackVue DR590W-2CH

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In February 2018, South-Korean dash cam manufacturer PITTASOFT came up with their middle-end targetted front+rear model, the BlackVue DR590W-2CH. After an extensive testing we appreciated its quality as well as its simplicity and decided to offer it as an affordable BlackVue option for our customers. The "W" letter in its name stands for "Wi-Fi" which is an excellent feature as it allows the user to playback/download video footage and change settings directly via their smartphone. The Sony STARVIS™ image sensor that equips the front camera delivers an outstanding low-light performance. Additionally, it features Night Vision, further enhancing details in dark surroundings.

Just like the other BlackVue products, the DR590W has built-in parking recording, allowing for around the clock protection for customers and their vehicles. Matching the camera with either the Power Magic Pro or a Back Up Battery will allow the DR590W-2CH to trigger recording with motion detection as well as impact detection so that protection will be readily available for the vehicle while the owner is away.

In terms of size, it's also one of the most attractive and smallest 2 channel dash cams available thus easy to install. Attach the front unit to the windshield behind the rear view mirror with the provided double-sided tape (located like this, on most cars it won't be visible to the driver’s eye). The rear camera can be easily installed at the back of the vehicle and connected to the front unit with the included video cable. Once set, you can forget about it, knowing it will reliably record your drive.

Overall, this product features all the functionality required from a mid-end dash cam while following the signature BlackVue design and build quality. Discreet yet advanced, this dash cam sitting in an affordable price range allowing for customization in terms of the optional GPS antenna and compatible with multiple Parking Recoding options should you require it.

Key Features

  • With the front camera’s Sony STARVIS™ imaging sensor, you get awesome image clarity day and night.
  • The powerful HiSilicon Hi3559 Processor allows for 12 Megabits (front) and 10 Megabits (rear) video for the best quality.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to view saved footage and change settings of your dash cam from smartphone (within 10-15 meter range).
  • Enhanced Night Vision, which can be activated from the settings, enhancing details in dark surroundings.
  • Protect yourself from hit-and-run accidents while your car is parked with motion-activated Parking Mode (requires Power Management Device).
  • The GPS receiver (optional extra) logs your vehicle’s location, speed and current time so you can later visualize its position on the map.
  • Based on super capacitors, with the max operating temperature of 70°C and high temperature cut off this camera can work well in New Zealand summer.
  • Following BlackVue's signature tube-shaped design, the DR590W is smaller and lighter compared to the other BlackVue products which makes it one of the most discreet and stealthy models on the market.


BlackVue DR590W-2CH Technical Specifications Specs are taken from the official BlackVue website.

Package Contents

The package contains the front camera, rear camera, power cord, 6-meter rear camera connection cable, 16GB miscroSD card, card reader, cable clips, microSD card adapter and quick start guide

Recording Times

The DR590W-2CH comes with a 16GB MicroSD memory card out of the box which is capable of storing about 1.5 hours worth of footage (on the highest video quality settings). If you'd like to keep more footage, you can either use your own memory card or select a more capacious option in the drop down menu above. For your convenience, please see the recording times chart for different memory options (16/32/64/128 GB).

BlackVue DR590W-2CH Recording Times Table

Sample Footage

The DR590W-2CH sample footage (please don't forget to set the video quality to the highest)

Night time recording is the biggest challenge for any camera. The DR590W does a great job recording at night (please don't forget to set the video quality to the highest)


Please find some customer reviews of the BlackVue DR590W-2CH below.

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We have also collected some video reviews of the BlackVue DR590W-2CH below.


The installation process for the BlackVue DR590W-2CH is identical to the other dual-channel models such as DR750S-2CH and DR650S-2CH. The video below is a walk through a very basic DR750S-2CH installation (if you'd like to hardwire the unit, please refer to this video instead).

Alternatively, please contact us to book a professional dash cam installation in the Auckland Region.

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