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Cellink Battery B [20+ hrs of Parking Recording]

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Quite a few premium dash cams featured in our store support Parking Mode functionality, which is getting more and more popular. Until the Battery Packs came along, the only option to utilize the parking recording was to hardwire you dash cam to run off your car's battery, requiring some auto electrical skills and sometimes even resulting in the car's battery getting drained. Being an independent and capacious battery pack, the Cellink B is a great flawless alternative to hardwire kits.

Not only does the Cellink B offer better Parking Mode functionality by extending the recording time offered by the most traditional hardwire applications, but it also takes a lot of the stress off of your vehicle's battery and electrical system. This is especially critical for using the dash cam in some of the European cars, such as the latest Porsche, BMW and Mercedes which are notorious for being packed with somewhat oversensitive electronics.

The Cellink B works by charging a high quality lithium-iron battery (through your accessory socket) when your car is running. When your car is turned off, the charged battery is then used to provide continuous 12V power to your dash cam without the need to drain any power from your car's battery. This process is very effective in reducing the risk of battery discharge, low voltage warnings and flat car batteries.

In addition to this, this battery pack is an extremely simple to install DIY option for utilizing Parking Mode (if supporting by your dash cam) without installing a hardwire kit to your car's fuse box. The only requirement for the Cellink B usage is to make sure that the 12V power outlet you're using is ignition-switched, meaning it doesn't get power when you turn off the engine.

Key Features

  • Fully independent power source for the Parking Recording, does not use your car's battery at all. No flat battery due to the dash cam usage anymore!
  • Large 76.8 Wh capacity is capable of covering up to 40 hours of Parking Recording (single-channel dash cam, when fully charged).
  • High quality LiFePO4 lithium-iron phosphate battery means the system can reach temperatures of up to 70°C before the internal sensor automatically shuts the system off safely.
  • Super fast charging mode, fully charged within a 60-minute drive.
  • Audio notifications indicate the current status of the device.
  • Does not interfere with the car's sensitive electronics or trigger error codes.
  • Easy DIY installation.
  • Compact enough to be hidden under a seat of nearly any car.


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